Talking with Geoff Wyss

by sethsawyers

I had a great time talking writing with Geoff Wyss. We met at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference back in 2013 (we were suitemates in a dorm, which was something we discovered only halfway through the thing) and I’m glad we met. Writing-wise, he’s about polar opposite of what I’m trying to do. And, to be clear: he’s already mastered what I’m trying to to–traditional “moralist” fiction with traditional story arcs and so forth–and now he’s waist-deep in something else. He’s an exciting writer, and one of the smartest, quickest guys I know. Also he’s terrible at squash. I have no idea if that’s true. I’m sure he’s great at it. He’s just the only guy I’ve ever met who plays squash.

Here’s our talk, up at the Baltimore Review: