The sports

I like sports. You may not, but that’s all right. You like HBO shows or cooking or cars. And that’s great. Sports aren’t for everyone, and they aren’t even always for me. I go in and out.lights

But, for now, I’m in. And as I watch my teams go up and down, up and down, it strikes me that it’s not about the wins and the losses, or not totally about that. Seems to me it’s about hope, not exactly about this game right here but about the promise of tomorrow’s game, that today’s win–if they could just win today–means tomorrow’s game will give us another shot, another dose. Another dose of what we crave and maybe need, which is the thrill and release of the win but also, underneath that, the subtler thing of another day, another reason to believe, to hope. And on and on. Today for tomorrow. Tomorrow for the day after that. Another little piece of hope, and, if we’re lucky and if the ball bounces right and not left, another.


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