by sethsawyers

Some days, your brain pops, crackles, is electric. Usually it’s an exciting time, this dash-dash-dash of ideas, connections. Yes, that’s it, connections. It’s connections that create meaning, I’ve found through my own writing. Today’s flashes:

– How easy it was for kids to smash bugs and how as adults we try to refrain almost totally. And then the myriad conclusions, how strange it is that kids come to nearly opposite conclusions as adults, or how maybe kids have it figured out on some animal level, that bugs can’t help us but could now and then hurt us, or how maybe kids just get a satisfaction from crushing, totally dominating something in a world in which they rarely can do just that?

– How silly it would be to go on eBay and buy someone else’s baseball glove. Like fitting your feet and toes into someone else’s shoes. The size may be right but it’s all wrong.

– How timeless and instantly likeable Lauren Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” is. How music baffles me, its power, the strings that make it move. Books, movies, stories, I think I get. But music’s magic stuff remains magic.