A short story, at The Lascaux Review

by sethsawyers

A story, about a guy and a girl seeing something bad in a New York subway station. It’s up over at The Lascaux Review. Here’s the link. (And don’t tell anyone, but this is my first fiction publication (the first one where I’ve made up stuff)).

I’m reading Bill Roorbach’s novel The Remedy for Love and man is it a fun book. Just, you know, page one: blammo, and you’re off. And an exercise in dialogue between two different kinds of people. And the way the girl talks, I don’t think I’ve read a character in fiction who goes from hot to cold, from ecstatic to destroyed, so fast. She turns on a dime, this character. I’m really enjoying it and also it takes place during a really bad snowstorm (built in beginning, built in end), which is a device I myself have been playing with, mostly unsuccessfully, for years.