Tea Party, I guess

I was thinking about the Tea Party and Republicans today. Like most who are into the arts, I’m about as socially liberal as you can get, so obviously I lean party far left. But, you know, the world would be boring if there was no other side, I guess. Still, I couldn’t help but think: does anyone really want to be a Republican (with a capital R)? Does that get anyone, you know, excited? The Tea Party thing makes much more sense to me. You hate taxes, you want to build an addition onto your house without passing some code or whatever, sure, I get that. If you’re going to go right, go way right. But regular old Republicans? Just doesn’t make sense to me. Do it or don’t.

Which is all a way of saying that I’ve never understood the “undecided” vote, especially like a week before big elections. Who are those people?


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