At the Rite Aid

by sethsawyers

Overheard at the Chase Street Rite Aid, while thirty shoppers waited in a single-file line while waiting to pay the lone cashier on duty:

Shopper one, a man: What they got all these cash registers for, if they only gonna use one of ’em.

Shopper two, a woman: Waiting around, you know.

One: Getting to know each other out here.

Two: It’s like, talk amongst yourselves.

One: Don’t they know people need jobs?

(A third shopper, a man, cuts line, standing just behind the customer at the front.)

Two: The line’s back here.

Three: What? Really?

Two: (Laughing) Yeah, you know it ain’t gonna be that easy.

Three: Oh, OK.

Two: You about to start World War Twelve over a bag of potato chips.

Customer Four, a woman: She said, ‘World War Twelve over a bag of potato chips!’