Michael Kimball’s Big Ray

Oh, this is a lovely little book, easy to read but dense with all that gooey human stuff. Told mostly in flashbacks, this is a story about a sad, bewildered, slowly-making-sense-of-his-father son who has just learned that his hugely overweight father has just died. Structurally, reminds me of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go in that it is a first-person narrator in the present looking back (and back and back and back) on events he’d never thought much about before Big Rayand is just now only reckoning with, coloring with meaning. It’s a narrator being forced–by a death–to finally reckon with a mean-assed father. Sparing prose. Whistles, this book. Halfway through but am savoring it. This is a two-night read. And he’s a Baltimore guy, too. Next time I see him at Frazier’s or The Dizz, I’ll say hello.