My new favorite photograph

I’m reading a book now–Sigrid Nunez’s The Last of Her Kind–and this William Eggleston photograph is on the cover. It’s my new favorite photograph. It’s from 1974. He took it in Memphis, I think.


Feed the Trees

I’ve known for a while that music–especially discrete pop songs–have a special ability to evoke a particular era or mood from the listener’s life. It’s a special kind of nostalgia that music, for me, seems to bring about. It comes on fast and is full of texture and sights and people. This morning, I heard Belly’s “Feed the Tree,” which is all 1993, hanging out with friends in parents’ basements in and around Cumberland, and the movie Singles. Others:

– Summer of 1987, Rawlings Raquet Club pool, chlorine in the nose, tanned skinny arms: “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” by Whitney Houston

– Fall of 1995, freshman dorm, roommate burning incense, stolen dining hall food in the backpack: “Glycerine,” Bush

– Early 1980s, living room with brown carpet, brown drapes, the smell of pasta cooking: Any Gordon Lightfoot song.